I'm being targeted by a defamation campaign

When someone deliberately creates and disseminates false, manipulated or misleading information to cause harm by undermining someone's reputation, that is a defamation campaign. These campaigns can be targeted at individuals or organizations with some kind of public exposure. They can be orchestrated by any actor, governmental or private.

Although this is not a new phenomenon, the digital environment spreads these messages fast, increasing the scale and speed of the attack and deepening its impact.

There is a gender dimension to defamation campaigns when the aim is to exclude women and LGBTQIA+ people from public life, disseminating information that "exploits gender inequalities, promotes heteronormativity, and deepens social cleavages" [1].

This section of the Digital First Aid Kit will walk you through some basic steps to plan how to respond to a defamation campaign. Follow this questionnaire to identify the nature of your problem and find possible solutions.

[1] Countering Disinformation