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Berikut adalah daftar organisasi yang menyediakan berbagai jenis bantuan. Klik tiap-tiap organisasi untuk melihat info selengkapnya mengenai layanan serta cara menghubungi mereka.

Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg

Situs web: https://circl.lu

CIRCL is the CERT for the private sector, communes and non-governmental entities in Luxembourg.

CIRCL provides a reliable and trusted point of contact for any users, companies and organizations based in Luxembourg, for the handling of attacks and incidents. Its team of experts acts like a fire brigade, with the ability to react promptly and efficiently whenever threats are suspected, detected or incidents occur.

CIRCL’s aim is to gather, review, report and respond to cyber threats in a systematic and prompt manner.

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Digital Defenders Partnership

Situs web: https://www.digitaldefenders.org

Digital Defenders Partnership menawarkan dukungan bagi pembela hak asasi manusia yang mengalami ancaman digital, serta bekerja untuk menguatkan jaringan respon cepat. DDP mengelola dukungan darurat bagi individu dan organisasi seperti pembela HAM, jurnalis, aktivis masyarakat sipil, dan bloggers.

DDP memiliki lima tipe pendanaan bagi situasi darurat maupun pendanaan jangka panjang yang berfokus pada penguatan kapasitas organisasi. DDP juga menjalankan Digital Integrity Fellowship yang mendukung organisasi dalam bentuk pelatihan keamanan digital dan privasi yang sesuai kebutuhan, dan program jaringan Rapid Response.


Situs web: https://greenhost.net

Greenhost offers IT services with an ethical and sustainable approach. Their service offerings include web hosting, cloud services, and powerful niche offerings in information security. Greenhost is actively involved in open source development, and partake in various projects in the areas of technology, journalism, culture, education, sustainability, and Internet freedom.

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Qurium Media Foundation

Situs web: https://www.qurium.org

Qurium Media Foundation is a Security Solutions Provider to independent media, human rights organizations, investigative journalists and activists. Qurium provides a portfolio of professional, customized and secure solutions with personal support to organizations and individuals at risk, which includes:

  • Secure Hosting with DDoS mitigation of at-risk websites
  • Rapid Response support to organizations and individuals under immediate threat
  • Security audits of web services and mobile apps
  • Circumvention of Internet blocked websites
  • Forensics investigations of digital attacks, fraudulent Apps, targeted malware and disinformation

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TibCERT - Tibetan Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Situs web: https://tibcert.org/

The Tibetan Computer Emergency Readiness Team (TibCERT) seeks to create a formal, coalition-based structure for reducing and mitigating online threats in the Tibetan community, as well as to expand Tibetans’ technical research capacity on threats in the diaspora and surveillance and censorship inside Tibet, ultimately ensuring greater online freedom and security for Tibetan society as a whole.

TibCERT's mission includes:

  • Creating and sustaining a platform for long-term collaboration between stakeholders in the Tibetan community on digital security issues and needs,
  • Deepening connections and developing a formal process for collaboration between Tibetans and global malware and cybersecurity researchers to ensure mutually beneficial sharing,
  • Increasing the resources available to Tibetans to defend against and mitigate online attacks by regularly publicizing information and recommendations on threats facing the community,
  • Helping Tibetans in Tibet circumvent censorship and surveillance by providing regular, detailed information and analysis, as well as potential solutions.

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